JAMES McDONALD is a 72 year old born-again believer who is now in the 39th year of his personal relationship with Jesus. He is totally committed to serving God in any capacity our Creator inspires him to do so.

James went from being a winning thoroughbred horse jockey, trainer and owner to a 15 year incarceration in the Florida prison system. God used a horse named Quitting Time to bring James to the point in his life where he was willing to quit living for himself and commit the rest of his life to Jesus. Shortly before this milestone in James’ life, he owned, trained and rode the horse named Quitting Time to what he once considered his greatest victory. But God had a greater plan for James than any victory he possibly could have experienced in horseracing.


However, we all know God works in mysterious ways and in order for God to bring James to his greatest victory he had to first bring him to his worst defeat. This came via an arrest; resulting in an expulsion from the racing circuit. Then, a felony conviction resulting in a life sentence in the Florida prison system. However, all of this turned out for good. While he was in the county jail awaiting trial, James prayed God would change him. God answered that prayer by leading him into his conversion as a child of God.

Then God used the 15 years James spent in prison to mold him into the man of God he was destined to become. James was released from prison on parole in 1999. Afterwards, he was kept on parole for 10 more years. Since that time, his life has taken many incredible turns. While God was revealing Himself to James, He inspired him to write the book, Quitting Time. If you want to read an incredible God-story, go to Amazon.com and purchase a copy. According to a multitude of previous readers, you won’t be able to put this book down until you have finished reading it. And, the profits from the book are being used to provide prisoners with this first-hand account of how God can change a person from the inside out and use the most unlikely among us to bring glory to Himself.